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One of our favorite causes that we support is an Orphanage run by Bishop Abel Oyaro in Nairobi, Kenya. Bishop Abel works tirelessly to care for, feed, teach and train up the youth who are so frequently orphaned in Kenya from the ongoing wars and regional violence.  The needs are many and are often the most basic. 

Together we have partnered with a local church where we have helped to construct housing, classrooms, meeting rooms, and shelter. We continue to support this most precious cause as they have daily needs for food and water. Bishop Abel cares for hundreds of orphans every day who need clothes, care, and sustenance. He teaches them valuable life lessons and how to be entrepreneurs. Most importantly, he shows them they are loved and there is hope! Join us in supporting these wonderful little ones who deserve so much.


Unlike many of our competitors, we have a full time staff. Our staff members are available seven days a week to help service your home during our listing or buying period. Think of us as your full time concierge during the term of your contract.

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