Compass Lens

Want to show your client what a buyer ready home looks like?

Win EVERY Listing by helping sellers visualize how Concierge can increase the value of their home with AI-Powered Compass Lens!

Want to show your client what a buyer ready home looks like? Introducing Compass Lens! A groundbreaking technology that will help you show your clients how Compass Concierge has helped other clients transform their homes.
Compass Lens uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to give you and your clients the power to visualize how Concierge can transform a listing and improve its sale price. By matching a photo of your client’s home to similar before & after photos, you’ll be able to show your sellers exactly the difference working with you can make to sell their home faster, and at a higher price. Plus, this is something you can do completely virtually!
Better yet, you’ll get them buyer ready - once things return to normal, your clients should be first in line to book the right vendors and get their listings on the market. This will put them in the best possible position for buyers who have been waiting to make their move.


Unlike many of our competitors, we have a full time staff. Our staff members are available seven days a week to help service your home during our listing or buying period. Think of us as your full time concierge during the term of your contract.

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